GeForce GTX465 1GB
Model: ZT-40301-10P
Core Clock: 607 MHz
Core Processors: 352 Stream Processors
Memory Clock: 3206 MHz
Memory Type: GDDR5
Memory Interface: 256-bit
Memory Size: 1GB


<strong sizcache="0" sizset="480"><a href="" target="_blank" sizcache="0" sizset="481"><img src=/up/popup/pdf.gif> Product Details File   (PDF)</a></strong><br />
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 <table id="product-attribute-specs-table" cellspacing="0" sizcache="0" sizset="485">
    <tbody sizcache="0" sizset="486">
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="487">
        <td width="250">Model</td>
        <td width="307">ZT-40301-10P</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="490">
        <td>Cooler Type</td>
        <td>Fan (Single Slot)</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="493">
        <td>Core Clock</td>
        <td>607 MHz</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="496">
        <td>Core Processors</td>
        <td>352 Stream Processors</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="499">
        <td>4.376in x 9.5in - 111.15mm x 241.30mm</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="502">
        <td>DirectX 11</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="505">
        <td>Dual-Link DVI Supported</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="508">
        <td>2 (DVI-I)</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="511">
        <td>GeForce GTX 465</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="514">
        <td>HDCP Ready</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="517">
        <td>1 x Mini-HDMI 1.3a</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="520">
        <td>PCI Express 2.0 x 16 (Compatible with 1.1)</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="523">
        <td>Max Resolution</td>
        <td>2560 x 1600</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="526">
        <td>Memory Clock</td>
        <td>3206 MHz</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="529">
        <td>Memory Size</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="532">
        <td>Memory Interface</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="535">
        <td>Memory Type</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="538">
        <td>Recommended Power Supply Wattage</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="541">
        <td>Package Contents</td>
        <td sizcache="0" sizset="543">ZT-40301-10P<br />
          Driver   Disk<br />
          ZOTAC Technology Demos Disk<br />
          User Manual<br />
          Mini-HDMI-to-HDMI   adapter<br />
          DVI-to-VGA adapter<br />
          2 Dual MOLEX to 6-pin PCIe power   cables</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="550">
        <td>400 MHz</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="553">
        <td>SLI Supported</td>
      <tr sizcache="0" sizset="556">
        <td>2-Year Standard Warranty; Limited Lifetime Extended   Warranty</td>